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Do You Want an Easier Way to Ship Products From China?

Easy Imex manages the entire delivery process to get your goods from the factory floor in China right to your door. We arrange customs clearance, tax, insurance, duty, import permits and quarantine. No more paperwork, no need to arrange your own marine cargo insurance. We export FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load) to most major ports in the world using China Shipping or other major shipping lines.

How do we ensure you get the best pricing?

Easy Imex has over a decade of experience making sure our customers get the best pricing for each consignment. Our logistics team in Shanghai compares different shipping lines, trucking companies, and clearance charges on each shipment to ensure you get consistently competitive pricing on shipping and import charges.

Easy Imex ships thousands of consignments each year. We do full container loads, less than container loads and airfreight. Using our shipping volumes we have locked in contracted freight prices to ensure we get great prices for our customers.

We also offer consolidation. This means you can gather products from multiple suppliers across China into one container to significantly reduce overall freight costs.

Lowest Pricing

Easy Imex makes no margin on the shipping. We get quotes from minimum of three freight forwarders and charge you lowest quote at cost price. Easy Imex ships approximately USD$20 million worth of product out of China each year. Our ‘preferred partner’ pricing is unbeatable.

Avoid Costly Customs Holdups

Easy Imex ships huge volumes of products each month. We are a 'known' company and as such our containers are rarely held up for inspection.


Reduce shipping costs by having products from multiple suppliers consolidated into one container. We'll arrange the internal logistics within China for the consolidation and will manage the container loading process.

Simplify the Process

Each country has their own specific import regulations and the requirements vary depending on the origin country and the type/classification of the goods imported. To avoid costly hold ups or seizure of your goods by customs, it essential that you have the proper documentation filled out accurately and within the specified time limits. Save time and let Easy Imex's logistics department handle the import documentation. 

Easy Imex has sourced over $90 million dollars worth of products since 2004

Having dealt with thousands of factories, we know that most suppliers on Alibaba and Made-in-China are middle men, claiming to be manufacturers. They simply want to subcontract potential orders to legitimate factories. This causes no end of problems including: quality issues, communication issues, delays in lead times,imprecise quotations and compliance fraud. By working with Easy Imex as your China sourcing agent, we'll ensure that you're working with a qualified manufacturer that's capable of meeting your quality, price and lead time requirements.

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