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Minimize defect rates, undercut your competitors’ pricing, increase the rate of new product development, and build 5-star ratings all day long.

Easy Imex are your sourcing agent on the ground in China.  We provide product sourcing services designed for businesses selling products on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

We source the lowest price private label products

We understand the competitive realities of the e-commerce marketplace. We’ll ensure that your overall door-to-door pricing will drive the competition out of your market and help you dominate.

We offer:

Price match

Landed pricing breakdown

Personal account manager

​Product quality

It’s not all about getting the lowest price. Reviews make or break your brand’s reputation and how you are positioned in the marketplace.

We offer:

Quality assurance

Samples developments and testing

Full quality control inspection services

Compliance testing 

Branding and packaging

We design and engineer your packaging so items arrive at your customer's door with no defects, even when using the worst couriers.

We offer:

FBA labelling and packaging

OEM branding

Drop testing

Packaging design services

Product to market

Scaling your eCommerce business relies on you building out your product lines at speed! Our sourcing agents will help grow your business by speeding up the time it takes to develop, test, and purchase new products from China.

We offer:

Product viability check

Ongoing sourcing service

New product ideas

Factory database

​Product photography and instruction manuals

Easy Imex partners with a professional photo studio in Shanghai that produces first-class photos. We can create the bulk of the marketing material for your online store for a fraction of the price of having it done in your home market. We also help with additional marketing materials to give your product a point of difference.

We offer:

White background photos

Scene shots

High quality product instruction manuals

Marketing materials

​Shipping to your fulfilment centre

We arrange for your product to be packaged correctly and then shipped from your factory in China to your warehouse/fulfilment centre.

We offer:

Global shipping

Sea freight

Air courier

Consolidation of product into one shipment

Free marine cargo insurance

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