Quality Control

Mitigate your risks with our inspection services

Quality Control

All goods exported by Easy Imex go through a rigorous Quality Control (QC) inspection before they are exported.


We have different levels of quality control depending on our member’s requirements and the products involved.


Easy Imex’s quality control procedures eliminate shipment of non-compliant products, eliminate late shipments and ensure product safety and quality.


Our factory auditing services provide guarantees that you are working with reliable, capable and ethical suppliers that meet compliance requirements.


Easy Imex’s Quality Control Inspection Services:

  • Factory audit (manufacturing audit, ethical audit, environmental audit)

  • Pre-production inspection

  • Mid-production inspection

  • Pre-shipment inspection

  • Container load inspection

  • Lab testing and compliance testing


Conformance Testing carried out by Easy Imex inspectors are tailored to your quality requirements and to the requirements of your destination market.  All of our inspections utilise random sample techniques in accordance with the Acceptance Quality Level (AQL) for random sampling, and inspection standard (ISO2859-1). These comprehensive criteria cover: functionality, performance, durability, overall appearance, and dimension.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (after goods are produced)

We send a qualified inspector to your factory at the end of your production run. Inspectors perform a thorough examination of your product to catch any problems before packaging and shipment.

Mid Production Check (during production)

Mid Production inspections are useful because they pick up quality issues early in production allowing them to be resolved quickly, saving time and money. Mid-production inspections are often necessary if you need a guarantee that your product will be produced before a certain date.

Container Load Inspection

Container Load Inspections make sure the final details of your product are correct and that the actual ordered quantity is securely loaded into your container before signing off and settling final payment.

The inspector will be onsite at the time of loading to guarantee the product paid for is securely loaded.


5 Reasons Why Independent Quality Control is so Important!

  1. Factory’s “in house” quality control cannot be trusted.

  2. Factories often cut corners to save on production costs. Regular auditing and quality control incentivises your factory to maintain high standards.

  3. Once you approve a sample as being acceptable quality, you need to hold the factory accountable to this production quality.

  4. The more face time you or your representatives spend in the factory – the better quality you’ll end up with.

  5. Do not ever ship before you approve it! If you find problems with your product once they have left China, it’s too late.