Factory Tour

Factory Tours Made Easy – Get More Out of Your China Trip

Factory Tour

Visiting the factory is by far the best way to determine if the factory is suitable.  By visiting the factory you can eyeball the equipment, production capacity, the quality of the factory workers, the sample room and the factor’s internal quality control systems. It also allows you to negotiate pricing and payment terms directly with those with authority to make decisions, the factory boss, and head engineer.

Why Use Easy Imex?

Planning a factory tour is time-consuming. You’ll need careful preparation weeks in advance. Easy Imex will complete the important planning tasks – saving you valuable time and energy.


Easy Imex Will Ensure You:


  • See the most factories possible in the shortest period of time

  • Have a list of several suppliers to visit, who have been pre-qualified so you don’t waste your time on unsuitable factories

  • Do not have to worry about time-consuming hassles such as arranging transport, hiring a translator, arranging accommodation, airport picks ups or travel to and from factories

  • Are driven in comfort in our Honda Odyssey company van (only within 400km of Shanghai)

  • Have an account manager to accompany you to all trade fairs

Services We Provide:

  • Airport pickup

  • Accommodation arrangements

  • Factory introductions

  • Factory tours (including translation service, price and order negotiations)

  • General transportation ( Taxi / train / long distance bus / Flight (for factories over 500km away from Shanghai)


Airport Pickup

Members: Free

Non-members: USD $100

​We’ll arrange for an Easy Imex staff member to meet and greet you at Shanghai Airport (Pudong or Hongqiao) when you arrive in China. We will take you to your hotel, assist your check in and make sure your “China trip” gets off to a good start.

Accommodation Booking Charge

Members: Free

Non-members: Free, when factory tour is organized via Easy Imex

We’ll arrange a hotel in an area close to our offices and one that meets your budgetary needs.

Factory Tour

Members: USD$250/day + travel expenses per day

Non-members: USD$350/day + travel expenses per day

Our staff (or your account manager if a member) will come with you to the factory. Here’s how Easy Imex staff will help you:

  • Translation is provided for more effective communication

  • We’ll remind you of the culture protocols in China so no one is accidentally offended

  • Assist in your negotiations with the factory

  • Ensure you build a good working relationship with the factory.

  • If your tour requires an overnight stay outside Shanghai, members and non-member pay EASY IMEX staff’s accommodation and board.

Easy Imex has sourced over $90 million dollars worth of products since 2004. Having dealt with thousands of factories, we know that most suppliers on Alibaba and Made-in-China are middle men, claiming to be manufacturers. They simply want to subcontract potential orders to legitimate factories. This causes no end of problems including: quality issues, communication issues, delays in lead times,imprecise quotations and compliance fraud. By working with Easy Imex as your China sourcing agent, we'll ensure that you're working with a qualified manufacturer that's capable of meeting your quality, price and lead time requirements.

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