Strategic Sourcing

Cut out the middleman and purchase straight from the manufacturer at the lowest price

Strategic Sourcing

Procurement Sourcing for Businesses That Import From China

Our strategic sourcing package is designed for businesses or individuals who are looking to source directly from China’s best manufacturers at the lowest possible price.  Whether you’re a startup looking to source new products for your business, or you’re an established company looking to cut out the middleman and purchase straight from the manufacturer, we have all the services you need.


We provide an end-to-end solution from product sourcing, supplier verification, and contract formation, right through to quality control and shipping to your door. Our services are specially tailored to your company’s individual needs, based on your product, its specifications and related quality requirements.


We partner with your business to manage the entire China side of your operation to negotiate lower pricing, improve your lead times, reduce defect rates, mitigate supply chain problems and lower your shipping costs.

How Do We Ensure You Get the Best Pricing?

We break down the true cost of a product through the bill of materials.  We negotiate pricing to its absolute minimum which gives your business a price advantage over your competitors.   We can also lock in prices in Chinese Yuan (RMB) so that factories don’t jack up prices 3 months after you start ordering with them.


What We Offer

  • Research and consultation on new or existing product lines

  • Supplier assessment

  • Product sourcing

  • Access to our database of verified suppliers

  • Contract formation and negotiation

  • OEM branding and labeling

  • Packaging engineering

  • Compliance to National Standards checks

  • Quality control

  • Instruction manual formation

  • Shipping and delivery

  • Free marine cargo insurance

Benefits of Using Easy Imex Strategic Sourcing Services

Best Value for Money

For a fraction of the price of having one of your staff employed in China on a full-time basis to manage your operations, Easy Imex will make sure that you’re working with a qualified manufacturer that's capable of meeting your quality, price and lead time requirements.

Lead Times and Inventory Management

We understand that being overstocked costs your business in terms of borrowing, warehousing, and obsolescence. Likewise, being understocked causes lost sales and broken promises with customers.  By partnering with Easy Imex, we’ll ensure that your supplier meets its lead time promises for production and that your product is shipped on time. We’ll also help you plan around Chinese holidays such as Chinese New Year so you are always in stock.

Packaging and OEM Branding

Once we have your designs, we’ll arrange all packaging and branding. We’ll ensure that the product is packaged and loaded correctly to avoid breakage during freight.

Product Quality

All goods exported by Easy Imex go through a rigorous quality control (QC) inspection before they are exported. Our quality control procedures eliminate the shipment of non-compliant products and ensure product safety and quality.

Supplier Confidence

Pricing and product quality are not the only consideration when sourcing from a new manufacturer in China.  Easy Imex conducts remote audits on each manufacturer to guarantee that you are purchasing from a supplier that meets industry standards, local, state and federal regulations, and that the product meets relevant compliance requirements. We'll also make sure that you are purchasing from a legitimate manufacturer, not a trading company.


Easy Imex manages the entire delivery process to get your goods from the factory floor in China right to your designated location in your sales market.  Our shipping department will arrange customs clearance, tax, insurance, duty, import permits and quarantine. No more paperwork, and no need to arrange your own marine cargo insurance.

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