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Product Development

Easy Imex's product development team guarantees that you're working with a qualified factory, your design requirements are met, and your IP is protected. We will guide you through the definition, development and manufacturing phases of the project. We ensure the final product meets the quality, functionality, and cost requirements to make it a market success.

Why Use Easy Imex to do Product Development in China?

Lower Costs

Take advantage of China’s developed component supply chains and lower manufacturing costs.

IP Protection

We will set up a Product Manufacturing Agreement that is legally binding and enforceable through mainland Chinese courts via Easy Imex ltd.


Our team understands Western business requirements and will liaise with Chinese engineers to define the scope, usability, and functional requirements of your product.

Testing and Refinement

Save time and delivery costs by testing early prototypes in our Shanghai office. Relevant compliance testing can be arranged in China through third-party labs.

Quality Assurance

Our team is located in Shanghai, which means we can visit your factory at a moment’s notice to solve problems quickly and effectively.


Our bilingual staff will ensure that you are negotiating with the right person in the factory to offer the best unit price and payment terms (usually the factory boss or lead engineer).

Easy Imex's Product Manufacturing Agreements cover the following: quality requirements, lead-times, product and IP ownership, molding/tooling ownership, NNNs (non-compete, non-circumvention, non-disclosure), and penalties clauses.

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