E-Commerce Sourcing

The best sourcing solution for businesses selling on e-commerce platforms

E-Commerce Sourcing

Minimize defect rates, undercut your competitors’ pricing, increase the rate of new product development,
and build 5-star ratings all day long.

Our e-commerce sourcing services are designed for businesses selling products on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. We provide an-to-end solution from product sourcing, supplier verification, and contract formation, right through to quality control and shipping to your door.


For established e-commerce sellers, Easy Imex will help you drive business growth by expanding the rate at which you bring new products to the market and by improving the pricing, defect rate and overall product quality of your existing range.

For startup companies new to selling on platforms such as Amazon, Easy Imex will consult on product viability and will manage the entire process including sourcing suppliers, product sample development, OEM branding and packaging, creating product instruction manuals, product photography, and delivery to your fulfilment centre.


What We Offer


We know that dealing with China can be very frustrating, especially if you're trying to launch new products or if you are trying to grow your business and build-up the number of product lines you're already importing.  Aside from factories making silly (yet expensive mistakes) with the actual product, factories are often terrible with things like creating product instruction manuals and packaging the product correctly to minimize damage during shipment.


Trying to find a manufacturer capable of getting all this right, and of course agreeing on a price that makes it even worthwhile importing, is extremely time-consuming.

Easy Imex Can Help With the Following:

Product Sourcing

To give your business an advantage, we'll access/source manufacturers who are not found on typical trade websites such as Alibaba and Made In China.  These suppliers rely on connections to develop business and typically offer unbeatable pricing due to lower overhead costs and minimal marketing budgets.


We design and engineer your packaging so items arrive at your customer's door with no defects, even when using the worst couriers (Yodel etc.). 


Easy Imex partners with a professional photo studio in Shanghai that produces first class photos.  We can create the bulk of the marketing material for your online store for a fraction of the price of having it done in your home market.

Lower Pricing

We break down the true cost of a product through the bill of materials.  We negotiate pricing to its absolute minimum which gives your business a price advantage over your competitors.   We can also lock in prices in Chinese Yuan (RMB) so that factories don’t jack up prices 3 months after you start ordering with them.

Instruction Manuals

We can help you create clear, straightforward instruction manuals for your flat-packed products to drive good customers reviews.

Pricing and Reviews

We understand the competitive realities of the e-commerce marketplace. We’ll ensure that your overall door-to-door pricing will drive the competition out of your market and help you dominate. 

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