How can Easy Imex help my business?

EASY IMEX is one of the few “one-stop” import shops around. You get a genuine start to finish solution with all the tools you need to get the job done. From sourcing product, to quality control, to shipping and customs. It’s all done for you.

We make your importing experience trouble-free. As our name suggests – we make importing from China easy!

How does your service work?

In a nutshell, we manage everything you need to get the job done. This includes:

  • Sourcing the product
  • Comparing manufacturers
  • Negotiating price and quantity
  • Providing an accurate product quote
  • Arranging contracts and purchasing with the manufacturer
  • Quality control (more information on question 12)
  • Shipping, port charges & insurance
  • Customs clearances right to your door

Our services are designed to eliminate any risk over the entire import process.

Do I need an import permit or to be registered for tax?

No you don’t. This is a common misconception about importing. If you’re NOT registered for tax: VAT (in the UK) & GST (in Australia) you would normally have to apply for a temporary number ‘turn number’.

However if you’re importing with EASY IMEX you don’t even need to do that! We’ve got you covered

Certain products do require specific import permits. And these need to be applied for. However if you’re a member of EASY IMEX this is all done for you. It’s one more thing YOU don’t need to worry about!

You can focus on running your business – not time consuming paperwork.

What's the minimum order quantity? Do I have to order a full container?

No, you don’t have to order a full container. Minimum order quantities vary depending on the product and the manufacturer of the product.

Often manufacturers only want to sell a full container load – because organising a smaller shipment isn’t financially viable.

Why do you charge for a membership?

If you want to import and ‘get it right’ there’s much groundwork to complete before an order is placed. Here are some things our account managers have to organise before providing a quote:

  • Sourcing The Right Product – this means choosing from the huge array of potential suppliers, assessing the honest, reliable manufacturers and filtering unreliable or outright fraudulent suppliers.
  • Price vs Quality – Many suppliers offer exceptionally cheap prices. What you won’t discover – until too late – is they’ve sacrificed the quality. Given our experience with a wide range of products – we’re highly attuned to games the manufacturers can play.
  • Negotiating Price – In China virtually everything is negotiable. Never accept the first price a factory provides. You can usually get a better deal, particularly if you know their costs. Comparing several suppliers will help indicate a fair price.
  • Specifications and Quantities. Getting the exact specifications for your product is very important. Manufacturers have been known to make costly mistakes simply because they weren’t given highly specific specifications.
  • Landed Quotes. This includes calculating freight costs, the weight of goods in containers, how many goods can fit into a container etc
  • Fluctuations in Exchange Rates & material prices all need to be addressed in detail before an order is placed.
  • In order to continue the high level of service to our existing members, we cannot deal with every possible enquiry.
  • Over the long term, it’s a small price to pay to have your interests handled by import professionals in China.
  • Ultimately it’s this groundwork which can make the difference between success and failure. In the long run, we believe you’ll find our services great value for money!

Why can't I see product prices on your website?

For two main reasons...

  • Prices Change Too Quickly
  • Each Order Is Unique

There are many ‘variables’ we need to confirm unique to each order. These variables change on a daily basis. Please refer to the question five for more detail on the variables.

Unless you’re familiar with EVERY one of these costs – the price of a product in China means very little.

Ultimately it’s the ‘landed price’ which matters (the unit price of a product delivered to your door).

Can you give me an example of prices?

This is a common question we’re asked. However, it’s truly a case of ‘how long is a piece of string?

Even products we deal with regularly change price rapidly. Exchange rates, material (oil, metal) prices and of course the quantity you are buying all effect prices.

Each time we attain quotes for members – we’ll have to speak with several manufactures and negotiate with them. This is before we have worked out the import charges. Or even looked at your detailed product specifications.

Therefore providing an accurate quote requires a significant amount of work for our account managers. And we save this for members.

How is payment made for my goods?

When you order goods with EASY IMEX you will receive two invoices.

  • The first is for the cost of goods in China. This invoice is to be paid to EASY IMEX LTD Hong Kong. You can pay by bank transfer.
  • Once your goods arrive in either Australia or the UK you will be invoiced by either our UK company EASY IMEX LTD (UK) for the shipping, handling, VAT and duty costs. Or if in Australia by EASY IMEX PTY LTD for the shipping, handling, GST and duty charges.

How do I know to trust you?

This is a very important question. EASY IMEX is registered in the UK, China, Hong Kong and Australia. In each country there are different government bodies you verify us with. And verify how long we’ve been trading.

If you’re in the UK go to the Companies House Website:

If you’re in Australia you can check us out with ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) 

In Honk Kong go to the Companies Registry Website:

Please read our Testimonials page to hear what our customers have to say.

We’ll also provide references from our many customers – both businesses and individuals – all of whom have been using EASY IMEX for many years.

I've already found a supplier, how can you help me?

Many people join EASY IMEX when they get to this point. It’s one thing to find a supplier on a website. It’s another to send off thousands of dollars to an unknown entity in China. And this is when many people come unstuck.

If you’ve already found a potential supplier EASY IMEX can take over and look after your needs from there.

We can verify the supplier is legitimate. Arrange the order. Take over negotiations. Or find alternative suppliers for you to make comparisons with.

EASY IMEX will do whatever is needed to ensure your order happens quickly and safely.

Many customers love someone else filling out all the time-consuming, tedious paperwork. Someone else to do the quality control testing and organise the insurance, tax, customs & shipping.

How long does it take to receive goods from China?

Once you’ve placed an order, roughly 8-10 weeks. However, the time frame from placing your order to receiving your goods can vary. Here’s a rough guide to help you.

Typically an order will take approximately 2-3 weeks to manufacture. Then a further 2-3 weeks shipping in Australia. Or 4 weeks if you’re in UK or Europe.

Finally, allow another 2-3 weeks for customs clearance and delivery in each country.

All up, allow approx 8-10 weeks for Australian orders. And 9-12 weeks if in the UK, USA or Europe.

How can we be confident about the quality of the goods?

There’s a few ways you can be confident you’ll get the right type of goods you requested.

EASY IMEX carries out quality control on every good we export. There’s three levels of quality control. And what YOU need varies according to your particular product. As a general rule the more technically complex your product – the greater the level of quality control you will need. It also depends on the value of your order. It makes sense to spend more on testing the quality of a $50,000 order than a $1,000 order.

The Three Levels Of Quality Control

Please go to our quality control page to review the different levels of quality control.

Quality Control Before You Place An Order

Finally, it’s very important to write detailed product specifications into your contract with the factory. This means working closely with your account manager and being very specific in your product specifications – prior to placing your order.

Chinese suppliers have been known to put European plugs on Australian electrical goods! Or make blue bags with green straps (instead of blue). If you didn’t specify this in the contract, the Chinese factory will think they’ve done nothing wrong and see this as being your mistake.

Having all your specifications prior to making your order eliminates these problems.


What about import duty, customs clearance and tax?

When your goods arrive you will be invoiced for any relevant shipping freight, handling, tax and duty charges.

Under normal circumstances, there will be shipping, handling, and tax to pay (GST for Australian’s or VAT for Brits). Duty rates vary from one product to the next. Many times a product may be duty exempt so there would be nothing to pay, however on average duty is around 5% on most products.

I already import from China. How can Easy Imex help me?

EASY IMEX works with many experienced importers and there are many reasons why they use our service.

Firstly, sourcing, negotiating price, confirming product specifications and options can be a time-consuming process. Many people would prefer someone trusted to take care of this for them. This frees up time to focus on running their business.

Secondly, they know using EASY IMEX is an extension of their own business. There is NO substitute for having someone, on the ground, in China looking after their needs and interests.

Factories do make mistakes. They will try to cover them up or get away with sending sub-standard products.

With EASY IMEX managing your quality control needs you’ll not only save time – but as we’ve seen time and again – will save thousands of dollars by ensuring members get exactly what they ordered!

We're planning on coming to China, can Easy Imex help us while we are over there?

Yes! EASY IMEX offers a complete factory tour service to members, including everything you need to get the most out of your business trip to China.

Please go to Factory Tours

Can I have my own brand name put on my product?

Generally speaking yes. However, this depends on the factory, the quantity you’re ordering and exactly how you wish to brand your product.

Basic branding of your product – stickers and package printing with your name/logo – is a service normally offered for a very small fee (and sometimes for FREE

Other types of branding could mean new molds need making in order to manufacture the product. This can be more expensive. There are many ways *OEM branding can be done.

So speak with us when you’re placing your order and we’ll be happy to give you a range of options and costs subject to your requirements.

* OEM Branding: (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Please see link below for further information

How much can we save by using Easy Imex?

Firstly there are the price savings. If you’re sourcing from local wholesalers – it’s not uncommon to save 30-80% when importing direct. In fact, for some products – the savings have been greater.

There are also savings on shipping – we always get the best shipping prices in the industry. 

What are the risks?

The Risk Of Not Getting Your Goods

There are “spoof manufacturers” out there. These scammers pretend to be a manufacturer or trading company – then take your money and run. Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories? EASY IMEX can guarantee this will not happen to you. Our verification process completely eliminates this risk and we’re glad to say it’s something which has never happened to an EASY IMEX member.

The Risk Of Loss Or Damage In Transit

Containers do fall off ships. Fires can happen. More common problems include damage because of rough seas, or containers being dropped on the wharf. If this did happen to you, you are protected automatically as each EASY IMEX member is insuring against such situations.

The Risk Of Your Goods not Being Up To Scratch

As a member of EASY IMEX the only risk is ensuring your product specifications are highly detailed and very specific! This allows us to avoid unnecessary disagreements with the factory if goods aren’t exactly as you expected.

If you don’t inform the factory of each product specification – you might not get everything you want. You’ll need to work closely with your account manager here.

While this is the greatest risk, it’s easily handled once you’re aware how important it is to be very specific about your product specifications.

What does Easy Imex charge for its services?

We charge an initial membership fee of $499 USD. We also charge a commission per order of 5% - 7%.

All logistics, freight, port, handling charges are billed to you at cost and we ensure that we get the cheapest rates in the industry. 

Do I need to arrange marine cargo insurance?

No, as a member of EASY IMEX we'll arrange all your insurance. It’s one less job for you!

Can Easy Imex help with warehousing and distribution

Yes! EASY IMEX works with a network of freight & logistics businesses all around the world. If you have specific warehousing need tell us your problem and we’ll find a solution!

What are the warranties on products? What if I need to return a product?

Warranties offered need to be negotiated on an order by order basis. Because this will vary from one factory to another.

Generally speaking, factories offer a small percentage of spare parts – for free – to cover any breakages or faults.

Many manufacturers will also offer a 6-month spare parts warranty. Here’s how it works. Once your order arrives, if you report any faults the factory will ship over the replacement parts or complete unit to compensate for this.

Why do factories offer these spare part warranties? Because in most cases, sending items back to China and then from China back to you (halfway around the world that is) is not a cost-effective solution.

What do I need to start importing?

A small amount of capital, $5,000 USD and the desire to build a long-term business! We’ll hold your hand the entire way. Note, you don’t need any licenses to begin importing.

I Want to be the sole importer of a product. Is this something Easy Imex can arrange?

Over the years EASY IMEX has arranged many sole importer agreements with manufacturers. Sole importer rights can be excellent for both the importer and the manufacturer.

By having only one importer per country – of a specific product – the manufacturer can control the market for that product. Ensuring the supply is not more than the demand.

In the long term, this means more stability of orders for the manufacturer. And more importantly for you, it means no direct competition from other importers/sellers selling the same product. Which means higher profit margins!

Can I get samples before I place an order?

Yes, we often arrange samples before orders are placed. In many cases, we can airmail these for a small fee.

Are there any hidden fees?

We don’t have any hidden fees. Before you place an order we’ll provide you with a landed quote. This shows all the charges of your order landed in your country. No nasty surprises.

I've already contacted a factory. Can you negotiate a better price?

Yes, in our experience we usually can. Because we understand the cost of manufacturing, export tax back policies – we’re equipped with the experience and information to make a sound price estimate. We’re also negotiating regularly with factories – so our experience makes it easier for us to negotiate a better price.

What products can you source?

Almost anything! This question is easier to answer by asking what can’t you import? Brand named products – in general – cannot be imported. Obviously, any products which aren’t legally allowed in your country. However, if it’s made in China EASY IMEX can source and import it for you!

How are my goods delivered? What are the options?

You have two options. Have the goods shipped to your warehouse or front door. Or you can pick them up from a specific warehouse in your city. Please note: if you are not in a city with a port, we’ll need to freight your goods inland. This is easily arranged.

Do I have to collect the goods from the port?

No, to enter a port you usually need a specific licence. So we have to collect your goods from the port and either deliver direct to you, or to a local warehouse where you can then collect the goods from.

How do I protect my intellectual property rights (IPR)?

You protect your IPR rights in much the same way you would in Australia, UK, US, New Zealand, Canada or Ireland. You should ensure you have a patent and trademark in the country or countries where you want to protect your market. Many small companies experience difficulty protecting their IPR abroad, including in China, as they are not aware of how to obtain and enforce rights in foreign markets. Some basic, often low-cost, steps small companies should consider include:

  • Working with legal counsel to develop an overall IPR protection strategy;
  • Developing detailed IPR language for licensing and subcontracting contracts

In EASY IMEX’s experience, having a good relationship with your supplier is also crucial to the success of enforcing your intellectual property rights.

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