Wouldn’t you like someone else to fill in all the customs, tax & duty paperwork?

Many people are put off importing by the minefield of customs clearance, tax, duty, and commodity codes. As an EASY IMEX member , we arrange for your goods to be cleared through customs and handle all paperwork on your behalf. No matter the destination country, our shipping and logistics department manage all tax and duty requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. If you are an experienced importer and wish to handle your own imports, naturally this is fine with us.


Do you need an import license?

There is no such thing as an import license. However certain goods require import permits before they will be allowed in your country. We advise all members when they require import permits, however, usually you don’t. Products such as cars, motorbikes, off-road bikes, or biological items like fish food or tea – are all examples of products requiring licenses.


How duty & tax is calculated – Australia

In Australia, you must pay 10% GST for any order over $1,000. The only time you don’t pay GST is when buying less than $1,000 of goods. Duty depends on the particular product and usually ranges from 0-10%. The recently signed China Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA) means that duty rates on most products have fallen to 0%.


How duty & tax is calculated – UK

In the UK you must pay 20% VAT on the cost of your goods from the supplier. Duty is different for each product and the UK government has a large commodity codebook which details individual product duty rates. Duty rates are usually 0-10%.


Does my product have to comply with Australian or European regulations?

Yes, in many cases there are specific regulations you’ll need to comply with. This means finding a supplier in China who is certified to meet the regulatory requirements in your country. EASY IMEX is very experienced across a broad range of products and always uses suppliers who meet the standards set in your country.


When do you pay tax, duty & customs clearances?

You will not need to pay tax, duty and customs clearance until your goods arrive in your country. You will be invoiced once they arrive and your goods will not be released until customs, tax and duty are paid.