What Product to Import From China?

Wednesday, 9th May 2012

Out of extreme demand, EASY IMEX is finally going to put up a dedicated page for 'HOT PRODUCTS' on our website.

This has come about due to so many online sellers asking us what to import from china?

We decided we needed a way where we could share our ideas, products we have seen in a structured and fair manner for those that wanted to know.

Our HOT PRODUCT ideas come from us having a bird’s eye view of what people import and sells well online. We deal with online sellers every day, are out at factories being educated on trends across a wide range of industries, walking miles at trade shows seeing the newest products and gadgets on offer.

If you’re an online seller, selling a variety of goods across different industries, then our Hot Product suggestions will be for you.

So, here's the deal, this is what you will get:-

  • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH - Each month we will show you a product of the month. (different for UK & Australia)

  • 10 HOT PRODUCTS - In addition to the product of the month, we will show you a min of 10 HOT PRODUCTS at any one time. This means you’re never short on ideas of good products to import.

  • DEFINITION - Anyone can say a product is 'HOT' but we define a HOT PRODUCT in 2 ways. First it’s a strong seller. Second it’s got a good profit margin in it. All of our HOT PRODUCTS we will calculate the landed cost for you, and show you other sellers selling the same/similar product so you can see the demand and profit margin is there. We would define a good gross profit margin as bare minimum of 30%. And up to 50% - 100% +

  • EXCLUSIVITY - If you order $5,000USD worth of any of our HOT PRODUCTS, we will “take this off the shelf” for any other importer – for a period of 6 months AFTER you receive the goods. This way, we can ensure you won’t be competing against other EASY IMEX customers, and will not be flooding the market.

  • MIN ORDER As a subscriber to our HOT PRODUCT suggestions, you need to be aware that any order would be a min of $2500 worth per product, and remember, if you want exclusivity, then you would need to purchase $5000 worth.

What does this service cost you?

The problem for us in having a Hot Products page like this is that we do not have enough good ideas to everyone, and the worse thing we can do is offer the same product to several people, hence we need to manage this very carefully.

As such, we are offering this service on a subscription basis at a charge of $49 USD per month.

Using this service and with this charge in mind we think over the period of a year it would be very easy for any subscriber to get a great ROI (return on investment).

Our official webpage is not due to go up until late June, however we do have products ready to go now, as such we are going to make an offer to our current members that if you wish to subscribe for 12 months now, we will offer a 20% discount, meaning a charge of $39 USD per month.

We do not have an unlimited number of HOT PRODUCTS, as such we WILL be limiting the number of subscribers based on this so if you would like to secure access to this service, please let us know and we can then guarantee you subscription for the year!

Finally, if you chose to go ahead with this, until our web designers have finished this page on our site, we will manually email you the HOT PRODUCT suggestions and we will then give you a 12 month subscription on the site from 12 months of that going up, hence you will be getting 13 - 14 months of subscription for 80% of the usual price for getting in early.

If you wish to subscribe to this please email [email protected] and put HOT PRODUCTS in the email subject line.


Adam Gilbourne

Managing Director

Easy Imex Ltd

P.S. Just email me at [email protected] if you are interested. Put “HOT PRODUCTS” in the  subject headline.


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